Between 17th-20th of June 2nd LIF International Expo Fair is successfully organized. Together with our association’s info stand participation our representatives make their on-site visits to furniture dealers in Tripoli. Especially in Gargaresh Street it was a proud to see dominantly Turkish Furniture Products in almost every  furniture shop.

Overwhelmingly, Turkish Brand awareness within Libya  helps our companies to penetrate in African Market easily. Also our member companies MIRAGE MOBILYA, FUGA MOBILYA and TECH DESIGN are exist with their own brands and showrooms. In Gargaresh Street, FUGA and MIRAGE showrooms can easily be  distinguished between other furniture shops and perfectly reflect our quality and profile.

For the next visit, our representatives also visit Bengazi, Janzour, Misrata and Tripoli and search for the ways to penetrate in Libyan market with MOBSAD Brand

MOBSAD – Furniture Industry Businessman Association


Turkish furniture sector gears up for post-pandemic period

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