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Furniture Industry Businessman Association

We as MOBSAD (Furniture Industry Businessmen Association) represents a group of 65 high profile Furniture manufacturing companies and mostly our members are in turnkey projects as well as international sales channels. Please kindly evaluate and be in touch with us for possible co-operation on your project and as a  possible long term partner please be known about our strong association.



Furniture Industry Businessmen Association (MOBSAD)is a non-government association, established in 2006 by 18 furniture manufacturers. Nowadays this number reached to 65 high profiled, outstanding companies and it continues to increase. Our members present qualified services as project designing, contracting and retailing to the customers from 46 countries all around the world. Taking care of global quality standards is one of our prior goals. Serious relations have been made by MOBSAD with many companies especially in Middle Eastand Eurasia.

As an approach for 2013, we decided to introduce ourselves in all around the world for creating potential trade bridges between our member companies and with esteemed furniture dealers from outside of Turkey. In direction of this aim, we have started to participate in prestigious fairs in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya and Russia. Also we have been joining Istanbul Furniture Fair (IMOB) till 2007 and assemble under one roof with all of our members. Till 2009 hall based attendance (HALL 5 / MOBSAD HALL)has been achieving by MOBSAD.

Following our completion of our market research and with our direct participations to the fairs, we would be in a position to create long-lasting international co-operations.

·MOBSAD represents and assembles 65 high profile, carefully selected manufacturing companies who are able to produce high quality furniture as well as delivering residential projects. Especially, some of our members are well experienced about delivering international projects such as hotels, residences or any kind of luxury projects. Also their capacity to serve for retail and mass production answers all kind of needs in international arena.

·MOBSAD allows importers/distributors or project holders to distribute their needs among MOBSAD members and helps to create new business co-operations and act as a trade bridge.

·Importers/distributors or project holders can also directly contact with MOBSAD members in order to reach their excellent satisfaction for their needs.

With this strong and well experienced association, MOBSAD welcomes you to establish new trade opportunities and take part as supporting partner in long term period.

For your detailed inquiries please be in touch with our foreign trade department.

Tel: 0090 216 680 27 70
Fax: 0090 216 680 27 71

MOBSAD – Furniture Industry Businessman Association